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Counseling >> Expedited Counseling

Expedited Counseling

What it is:  Expedited counseling is a services provided to serve clients who need to complete homeownership counseling quickly.  Clients are able to move through the entire process in one week.

How it works: 
Step 1: If you have taken Ehome or an in person workshop with NHS the fee is $150 (Click here). Otherwise, the fee is $250 (click here)
Step 2: Forward payment confirmation and required documentation to: expedite@nhsbaltimore.com
Step 3: After receiving payment confirmation and required documentation you will receive a call or email from NHS to schedule a time for your one on one counseling appointment  
Step 4: Complete the 8 hour education class PRIOR to the scheduling appointment time
Step 5: Attend the one on one counseling appointment. NOTE: NHS maintains the same requirements to receive a certificate for expedited clients as we do for regular clients. This includes a minimum credit score or 660 and savings of $2,500 plus any other action steps identified in the counseling session.

Neighborhood Housing Services continues to provide a valuable service to potential homeowners.  The fee for service is a key to sustainability as housing funding changes affect everyone.   Below is a breakdown of fees and services.

Services Provided:

  • 8 hour home buyer education (in person or online through E-home)
  • Expedited intake process and document review - documents accepted once you have completed your 8 hours education
  • Expedited scheduling of one on one counseling session within one week
  • 8 hours of education must be completed prior to scheduling appointment
  • Credit report and homebuyer workshop fee are included in the fee

Note:  The online workshop is not permitted with Baltimore County incentive programs

Required Documentation: Forward confirmation of payment once received to expedite@nhsbaltimore.com to begin the process.  All required documentation must be forwarded to expedite@nhsbaltimore.com prior to scheduling appointment.  For more information regarding documentation contact Natalie Kane at 410-327-1200 ext. 103.


Phone: 410-327-1200
Fax: 410-675-1855

Neighborhood Housing Services of Baltimore
25 E. 20th Street, Suite 170
Baltimore, MD. 21218

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