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NHS Baltimore has a variety loans to fit your needs.  Read the brief descriptions below.   Click on the program that best fits your needs to get additional information.  Feel free to call an NHS staff person if you have questions.   Fill out the application and get it back to us.   We look forward to assisting you!

R - Our Rehab Loan is for bigger jobs.  You can borrow between $7,500 and $30,000.  An NHS staff person will help you bid your project and help oversee the construction work.  Processing time is 4-6 months which allows for approvals and bidding. 

Q - Quick Fix is a newer product developed for smaller jobs.  Borrow just what you need.  A $5,000 loan at 5% interest for 5 years is less than $100/month.  We close in 30 days.  It’s simple… remember the 5’s. 

SR - Small Dollar for Rehab is a consumer loan (we do not take a lien on your property) intended for very small repairs (up to $3,000).  It also helps those homeowners with no equity in their homes and gives them a small repair option.  You need a credit score of 620 and must be able to afford the loan payment.    Processing time is less than 2 weeks.

S - Small Dollar loans are for almost anything.   This consumer loan is not a lien on your house.   Borrow funds to repair credit, fix your car or pay for school.  Click here to learn more.

T - Tax Sale loans are for borrowers in danger of losing their homes to tax sale in Baltimore City for small amounts of money.  Apply for a loan up to $1,500 to save your home.   Click here to learn more.


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