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Lending >> TAX SALE (Property Taxes, Water Bills)

TAX SALE (Property Taxes, Water Bills)

I Have Questions about the Tax Sale Process and want Help Finding Resources that will help
Call and make an appointment with Sombo Hilton and to go through a list of resources that can help you reduce your taxes and water bills.  Sombo can assist you in figuring out what you are eligible for and help you apply at your appointment.  Call to ask general questions about tax sale.  Sombo is here to help. 410-327-1200 x 104.   You can also click on this link to get a list of resources to help.

I have Received a Tax Sale Notice and have a Mortgage
If you are a homeowner and have received a letter from Baltimore City saying you will be in the 2015 tax sale, NHS housing counselors are ready to meet with you to help discuss your options.  There are options for reducing your taxes and water bills in the future. Counselors can assist you working with your lender to request the lender pays off your delinquency to keep you out of tax sale.  Contact Kira Garder Marshall for an appointment. 410-327-1200 x113.

I Want toApply For a Consumer Loan to Pay Your Tax Bill
Neighborhood Housing Services is also a non-profit lender that is here to help you save your home.  Neighborhood Housing Services (with a grant from the Abell Foundation) can lend you money to keep you out of this year’s tax sale.  Once the sale takes place you are subject to attorney’s fees and interest of 18%!  The costs mount up fast at this point so please….ACT EARLY.

In order to get a loan you need to show enough income to pay a loan back.  You do not need flawless credit but do have to show a history of on- time bill payments.  Maximum loans are $1,500.   Call NHS for an application or click here for an application.  Fill it out and get it back to our office.  If you have any questions please contact Omar Marshall at 410-327-1200 x 123.

Customer Loan Application

You may mail completed application to our location, or send by email to liftdocs@nhsbaltimore.com or send by fax to 410-505-1227.

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