Staff Directory

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Dilian Barrera
Loan Assistant
Ext. 106

Lissa Edgecomb
Homeownership /Fast Track Advisor
Ext. 128

Dan Ellis
Executive Director
Ext. 101

Kira Gardner-Marshall
Homeownership /Fast Track Advisor
Ext. 113

John Griffin
Homeownership Advisor
Ext. 119

Sombo Hilton
Program Associate/Fast Track Administrator
Ext. 104

Robert Horton
Fund Manager
Ext. 108

Natalie Kane
Pre-Purchase Intake Specialist
Ext. 103

Kimberly Knox
Rehab Associate
Ext. 135

Lynette Locke
Director of Marketing and Community Engagement
Ext. 111

Jennifer Lyon
Rehabilitation Specialist
Ext. 102

Alex Ordia
Accounting Manager
Ext. 134

Samantheia Matthews
Rehabilitation Specialist
Ext. 114

Kareema Pinder
Fast Track Manager
Ext. 109

Cassandra Robb
Homeownership Center Director
Ext. 105

Cathy Semans
Director of Lending
Ext. 118

Ann Sherrill
Director of Development
Ext. 131

Rena Somar
Senior Loan Advisor
Ext. 116

Gretchen M. Spell
Special Projects Manager
Ext. 132

Vernice Turner
Healthy Neighborhoods Coordinator/ Greater Mondawmin
Ext. 123

Jacqueline Wilson
Senior Loan Underwriter
Ext. 117

Angela Scott
Staff Accountant
Ext. 110

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