Frequently Asked Questions

Project Reinvest funds are provided as a deferred payment loans for owner-occupied properties. As long as the borrower resides in the home the loan will remain deferred at 0% until the buyer sells or refinances the 1st mortgage loan. If the house is no longer a principle residence or the property is transferred, repayment of the balance of funds will be immediately due.

Project Reinvest funds are available for any borrowers with a HOUSEHOLD income up to 80% of the area medium income.

Yes. HOUSEHOLD income is calculated using all income for people over the age of 18 living in the home after the purchase.

There is no asset test for Project Reinvest.

A complete list of participating lenders is posted on this site and updated as additional partners are added. No mortgage brokers will be included in the program.

Homeownership counseling is an eight hour class that teaches about the home buying process. It includes a one hour session with a certified counselor. You may schedule a class with NHS or participate in the online class through NHS of Baltimore partner eHome America. In Maryland a buyer must also attend a 1 on 1 counseling session. This is scheduled after your 8- hour class with the same counseling agency. You must complete your homebuyer class and your 1 on 1 counseling session before signing a contract to purchase your home.

No. All HBE certificates must be from a preferred counseling agency. Please inquire with your housing counselor about preferred counseling agency list.

The information about the Project Reinvest program and the opportunity to schedule an appointment will be available on February 15th on our website Once a buyer is determined to be eligible a commitment letter will be issued with a copy sent to the first mortgage lender. The lender will then prepare documents to closing and provide copies of required documents to NHS of Baltimore at least seven (7) business days prior to closing. NHS of Baltimore will then have all documents prepared for the closing.

NHS needs 4 weeks to close the loan after your appointment. The program cannot be expedited to accommodate early settlement dates.

Yes, if you currently own a home but will be selling it prior to closing on the Project Reinvest property, you can still be eligible for the program. At the time of closing you may not own any additional properties including investment properties.

Short sale properties are eligible for the program if the short sale has been ratified by both parties. If it is not ratified by the lender, the seller will have 90 days to get the lender’s signature and approval. If this does not happen in the 90 day period the conditional commitment cannot be extended.

Project Reinvest down payment assistance funds may be used for any eligible purpose including closing costs assistance, down payment assistance, or borrower minimum out-of-pocket investment if allowed by the first mortgage loan program. Project Reinvest funds may not necessarily cover the closing costs or out-of-pocket requirements of an FHA first mortgage or other type of first mortgage loan. You should consult directly with your first mortgage lender and the NHS of Baltimore to determine how Project Reinvest program funds may be used in connection with your home purchase.

Yes.  There are several programs eligible for layering incentives together with Project Reinvest funding.  A complete list of programs will be available on our website ( .  It is expected that programs sponsored by Baltimore City, the State of Maryland, Healthy Neighborhoods, Live Near Your Work as well as other programs, will be included.

Eligibility for each program is determined by the program administrators. Contact them directly to participate in their programs.

Yes. A property outside Baltimore City is not eligible for the program, a house that will not be a primary residence and multiuse buildings.

Help them complete their housing counseling and find a home.  Once they are under contract and pre-approved (with a Project Reinvest approved lender) for a mortgage, refer them to the NHS of Baltimore for the Project Reinvest program.   Starting February 15th they can follow the instructions on our website to schedule an appointment.

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