Household Income

Numerous incentive programs require income verification with a maximum allowed income for eligibility.  The Project Reinvest program allows participants with a household income up to 100% of the Area Medium Income for 50 awards and the other 250 awards have income limits of 80%.  Other incentive programs have different thresholds.  To calculate the income, the total income for everyone who will be living in the home is used.  The household size includes every person who will be living in the house.  Eligibility for Project Reinvest will be determined by NHS at the eligibility appointment using the income allowances in the chart below.


Baltimore-Towson, MD HUD Metro Area
Household size 100%80%
1 Person$72,800$54,950
2 People$83,200$62,800
3 People$93,600$70,650
4 People$104,000$78,500
5 People$112,350$84,800
6 People$120,650$91,100
7 People$129,000$97,350
8 People$137,300$103,650
The Baltimore-Towson, MD HUD Metro Area contains the following areas: Anne Arundel County, MD ; Baltimore County, MD ; Carroll County, MD ; Harford County, MD ; Howard County, MD ; Queen Anne’s County, MD ; and Baltimore city, MD .
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